Vladimir Seleznev (b. 1984) is a Moscow-based photographer and visual artist working with photography, video and installation.

Нe is the head and co-founder of the Moscow Fine Art School of Photography.

The most important part of his professional activity is devoted to personal long-term projects that are centered around intrinsic and territorial transformations of the contemporary urban space, its perception by the individual, feelings of social discomfort and isolation. In 2020, he published his first photobook "Oseyev".

Seleznev has been an awardee of various competitions such as International Photography Grant, Self Publish Riga, The Silver Camera (by Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow).

Recent publications

"За десять лет население Москвы увеличилось на полтора миллиона человек. Фотограф Владимир Селезнёв снял окраины разросшейся столицы так, будто это город-призрак"

The Calvert Journal

"New Moscow: capturing non-places in the suburbs of the Russian capital"

Владимир Селезнёв: «В эпоху пост-правды спекулятивная документалистика только набирает обороты!»

Неизвестный Человек
«Фотограф Владимир Селезнёв: неудобный пейзаж, подмосковная Припять и эстетика обыденности»

Selected awards

2021 - Self Publish Riga dummy contest. Shortlist

2019 - International Photography Grant. Documentary nominee

2018 - International Photography Grant. Experimental nominee

2015 - Silver Camera (by Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow). Nomination "Architecture". Prizewinner

Selected exhibitions

2021 - Ways of communication. Group. Pennlab Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2021 - Udar. Group. Borovsk Prison Castle, Borovsk, Russia

2021 - Self Publish Riga. Group. ISSP Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2018 - Photo Kyiv Fair. Group. Chicago Central House, Kiev, Ukraine

2017 - Contemporary landscape. Group. Nu Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2015 - Silver Camera. Group. Central exhibition hall «Manege», Moscow, Russia

2014 - The Third Museum Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography. Group. The Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia

2014 - Silver Camera. Group. The Tsar Tower of Kazansky railway station, Moscow, Russia

2013 - Silver Camera. Group. The Tsar Tower of Kazansky railway station, Moscow, Russia

2011 - Best Photographer. Group. The Lumiere brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia

2007 - Apple History. Solo. Gallery XXI, Moscow, Russia